The Skinny Lemon Company is a sunny California-based health and lifestyle brand that helps others achieve their goals with effective inexpensive DETOXING and WEIGHT-LOSS products that also promote natural wellness while boosting your immune system, giving you the natural energy that feels and looks awesome!

There is nothing more important in life than your health.




Feel more energetic and look amazing!

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Teatox Programs


What the %$#@ is a “Teatox”?

Simply, the “teatox” is a detox and weight loss program using a special blend of tea. All of our ingredients have been expertly picked and formulated to create the most potent and effective teatox blends.

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We now offer a subscription service to ensure you never run out of your refreshing daily boost!

The Master Cleanse® Benefits


The Master Cleanse® blend has tons of benefits!

A noticeable increase in healthy energy – gives  your body a chance to repair itself – your mental clarity may improve – bloating can be reduced – your sense of smell and eyesight may improve – your skin may clear up – your immune system will smile –  your entire digestive system and body will thank you.

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