The Skinny Lemon Company Announces New Bottle Design
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The Skinny Lemon Company introduces the Master Cleanse®

The Master Cleanse® is a specialty nutrient dense lemon drink that originated in the 1940’s as a detox body cleanse made from fresh squeezed lemons, rich maple syrup, and cayenne pepper with purified water. It’s refreshing and good for you, and people like it as specialty lemonade with that heat “zing” of Cayenne pepper. You can drink The Master Cleanse® on its own at room temperature, or with ice, or even heat it up instead of coffee on the go. The tried and true formula is now bottled for convenience.

The Master Cleanse® Benefits


The Master Cleanse® blend has tons of benefits!

A noticeable increase in healthy energy – gives  your body a chance to repair itself – your mental clarity may improve – bloating can be reduced – your sense of smell and eyesight may improve – your skin may clear up – your immune system will smile –  your entire digestive system and body will thank you.

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Order online and have a case of The Skinny Lemon Company’s Master Cleanse® Beverage delivered to you.

We now offer a subscription service to ensure you never run out of your refreshing daily boost!

Store Locations


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