We Squeeze Your Lemons

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Amber Blumer

The founder of Skinny Lemon Co, Amber Blumer, experienced the defining transformation of her life when she first began her experiments with the Master Cleanse.  She was motivated by her lifestyle as a busy mom, fashionista, former model and professional dancer.  She worked hard and admitted that because of the demanding pace, she had “no time to be healthy.”  She ate and drank what was easily accessible to her, which was greasy fast foods, and soda.  She became more tired, depressed, overworked, anxious and was even gaining weight.  These things affected her self-esteem and life was giving her lemons.  She became painfully aware of the negative toxins from bad food, pollution and even prescriptive chemicals she was overusing to feel better.  This motivated her to begin cleansing and she started with the Master Cleanse diet, originally created by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940′s.  The original program helped her evolve nutritionally and she even began doing yoga regularly.  She created the Skinny Lemon’s bottled cleanses to help others who also want a practical and accessible way to maintain a boost and balance while living a fast paced lifestyle.  She now believes that “when life gives you lemons, get skinny and healthy!”  Amber Blumer lives in Los Angeles with her family and five dogs.

Brian Blumer

Founder/CEO of The Skinny Lemon Co, Brian has always had a passion for health.  Well, not always.  At age 10, Brian was an overweight child that suffered from depression.  It wasn’t until his parents hired a nutritionist to revise his dietary habits that he began living a happy, active, fit and healthy lifestyle.  As an adult he became interested in the Master Cleanse when it was first introduced to him by his wife, Amber.  This motivated him to research the tried and true beverage that has been popular since the 1940′s.  He became educated on the ingredients of the Master Cleanse, (purified water, lemons, pure grade maple, and cayenne) and experienced the beverage as a fast, and also as a daily refresher while on-the-go.  Brian knew deep down that there was something special in this simple drink and felt that the Master Cleanse was in alignment with his philosophy of helping others.  Brian was a talent agent in the rock-and-roll industry and witnessed many unhealthy habits while traveling the world representing rock-stars and other celebrities.  A lifetime of successfully and consistently staying naturally healthy had led him to the moment he decided to change careers and move into the health beverage industry.  He started at the top, working as CEO of The Skinny Lemon Co full time, representing something he believes in as much as rock-and-roll, which is the Master Cleanse drink.  Now that truly rocks! Brian lives in California with his family and five dogs.

Jessica Corbran


Jessica is a successful Utah business owner in the healthcare industry. In 2006, Jessica had the opportunity to further expand on what she loves doing, caring for others. She started a home health
agency specifically focused on the nursing needs of children, one that now serves families all across Utah. As a registered nurse herself, Jessica understands the value of health. Upon her first taste of The Master Cleanse®, she knew it was something she loved, and congruent with her beliefs on health and wellness. She joined her family members Brian and Amber in the Skinny Lemon® Company, and the rest is history. She lives in a beautiful home with her husband, three children, a sheepdog, and several chickens. They collect vintage cars and restore them back to life, usually painting them pink! On weekends she can usually be found rocking out to her husband’s band!

Bob Franco

Team Member

Bob began his career in Film and Television, and today serves The Skinny Lemon Company as a multi-tasking superhero. When he’s not hiking the trails along the California coast he’s expanding his horizons through still-photography arts. He volunteers his time working with charities for animals. He lives in Los Angeles and Monterey California with his family.

Allie Ruhlman

Team Member

The moment her college career paused for the summer, Allie began traveling Europe in search of the perfect sunrise. She now considers herself a travel-addict and there’s certainly no slowing down anytime soon. Prior to college, she worked as a model for Heyoka Leather and Mogg Jeans. With a wild-spirit and outgoing personality, she works hard on her career as a Lemonairre in the family business

Esther Ortiz

Team Member

Described as a Jane-of-all-Trades, Esther Ortiz can do it all. Starting her career as an intern with Chic CEO, Inc., she soon rose the ranks overseeing operations. A new mom, trilingual, and tech-centered, Esther is the epitome of organized. From podcast editing, to social media, translation to event planning – Esther can juggle with the best of them, all while maintaining a perfect manicure, and a twinkle in her eye.