THE MASTER CLEANSE PROGRAM, a day by day guide!

“The only thing I drank was a cup of reality, with a shot of appreciation.”
– Kermit the Frog.

The Master Cleanse Diet is no longer for hippies, gurus or yogis sitting on a mountaintop, although we admire their dedication to healthy living. The Master Cleanse has become mainstream and for good reason; it works! The Master Cleanse Fast is a weight-loss and detoxification plan. A formula created to give you energy, while cleansing the body of unwanted toxins. The Master Cleanse is so amazing that it is the foundation of our company, and our very first product. We bottled it to make it easier for you. We know life gets busy, so now we took the hassle of mixing away, unless you choose to mix your own. Either way, we support you in this amazing cleanse.

Have you ever wanted to try The Master Cleanse? Do you still have a lot of questions you want answered before giving it a shot? We have answers!

As with anything, there are “best practices” when doing The Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet). If you restrict yourself to drinking just The Master Cleanse, water, and a laxative tea, you are doing The Master Cleanse. If you are buying our bottles by the case to drink for days, you are doing The Master Cleanse. However, the following information should serve as an outline for what to expect and how to best approach this Lemonade Diet. Let’s start by saying you don’t have to plan for the Master Cleanse by calling into work sick, stacking magazines by the toilet, or cancelling the night out on the town. The Master Cleanse can be done anytime and anywhere. In fact, life is great on The Master Cleanse, so grab a bottle or blend your own, let’s just do this!

There are three phases to go through to prepare your body for it’s reset. So, for three days prior to beginning the Master Cleanse drinks, you need to prepare your body to cleanse; the Ease-In stage (3 days). Next is the actual Master Cleanse (10 days). The final stage is the process of re-introducing foods to the body; the Ease-Out Stage (3 days).

Ease-In – The Beginning – Day 1
Eliminate the bad to make room for the good! To get the best results with The Master Cleanse you should start by removing all processed foods from your diet. Grab some fresh fruits to enjoy in the first part of the day (ex: pineapples, mangos, bananas, peaches!) and farm fresh vegetables (add some turmeric and garlic for spice) to enjoy in the evenings. Don’t forget your other options of beans, nuts, seeds, etc. There are great recipes online for preparing raw food. Take this opportunity to teach yourself a couple of new recipes.

Ease-In -Day 2
So, you survived day one of the ease-in, you kicked the chocolate to the curb, and you are now already feeling better. Today, day 2 is Juice Day! Today is the day that you use the same ingredients from Day 1 (Fruits/Vegetables/Beans etc.) and this time blend or juice them! You are ‘sort of’ starting the fasting phase as solid foods are out, and juicing shakes or even soups are in. You can enjoy either hot or cold, soups and shakes. The rule is, whatever you can blend up. My favorite thing about blending and juicing is you can mix in so much nutrition, without having the weird green drink taste. There are so many great recipes online for vegetarian liquid diet recipes. Remember, don’t use canned soup, this is still about healthy living foods liquefied. Drink or consume your liquids right after making them. It’s also good to use more vegetables than fruits, as there are a lot of sugars naturally in fruits. While blending, use only purified or filtered water, and don’t forget to continue drinking water separately as well throughout the cleanse.

Ease-In – Day 3

It’s almost time to start the Lemon Diet and today is the last day of prepping for it. Today it’s about the other fun pulpy fruit; the orange. Orange juice is the most popular choice for it’s medicinal qualities. Remember to use organic oranges. Orange juice is giving the body nutrients like Vitamin C. They have fiber, Vitamin B1, copper, potassium, calcium and that’s not all. Juice them, drink them, and enjoy the quench.

Day 1 – The Bandwagon
The first day of The Master Cleanse is sometimes referred to as the Bandwagon. Some people will begin the cleanse completely prepared. They will have purchased everything they’ll need from the grocery store, farmers market or picked their own lemons from the back yard. These people are organized and are Often mentally prepared for the cleanse. Then there are those who without any planning or preparing for a 10 day cleanse, make the commitment. They hop on the proverbial “Bandwagon”. They get enough lemon, cayenne, and maple syrup to last themselves a day or two. They have not mentally prepared for the emotional and physical battle that is involved in a cleanse. These people have less chance to complete the 10 day Master Cleanse. It was Louis Pasteur who said, “Chance favors the prepared mind”. If you enter into The Master Cleanse unprepared, you are more likely to hop off the bandwagon as easily as you hopped on.

Day 2 – Healing Crisis – Breakdowns
Most people can get through the first day without eating on adrenalin or willpower alone. Day 2, however, presents some challenges to the mind, body and spirit. Today you will have your first Salt Water Flush and your immune system will be on high-alert. The body will begin to attack all bacteria or anything else the body may want to reject. In the same way that the foods we eat can make us feel sick after digested, these same ingestibles can make us feel uneasy as we flush them out of our system. This ideology is referred to by the Master Cleanser Community as, “Sick in, Sick out”. You will likely experience multiple side effects from this process. You may feel like you have a cold, minor flu, muscle aches, or you may see some skin irritation. Experiencing these side effects is what leads many cleansers to quitting on day 2. However, experiencing these symptoms is normal.

Day 3 – Healing Events – Breakthroughs
Day 3 is referred to as Healing Events because we gain a realization that these events too shall pass. The side-effects from the flush of day 2 will either stay steady or begin to subside. As a result, the mind can be put at ease. The process becomes manageable. We recognize that we are not sick, but rather getting rid of toxins that make the body feel sick. The keys to working through days 2 and 3 are to stay warm, drink lots of water or Master Cleanse, and rest!

Day 4 – Breakthroughs
Just as day 3 lifts our body’s discomfort from detoxification, day 4 brings hope. The feelings of uneasiness that occurred during the first 3 days have now diminished and we begin to feel that the worst may be behind us. Today, we feel a shift in our mood and our health. We begin to think that we can do this – and we feel great!

Day 5 – Humpday
We are halfway there and after today, we are over the hump. We still have the expectation of food. Our bodies cannot erase a lifetime of habit in 4 or 5 days. We naturally plan for a meal at certain hours of the day. The only difference now is that we are planning for more of The Master Cleanse. The physical hunger is still there and we are more than likely still experiencing heavy bowel movements full of toxins from our Salt Water Flush.

Day 6 – Pitfalls
Getting past Humpday was a huge accomplishment and we feel great now that we are more than halfway to completing The Master Cleanse. However, that success may be short lived. Day 6 may bring complacency and as a result we start skipping steps or fail to properly plan ahead. We might decide to skip a Salt Water Flush, fail to start drinking The Master Cleanse early enough in the day, or we may run out of product (Maple Syrup, Lemons, Cayenne, etc.). These actions all lead to pitfalls and may result in an abrupt ending to our cleanse. The good news is that if we can avoid making these mistakes, the next 4 days are looking pretty easy, with the exception of “The Wall” on day 7.

Day 7 – The Wall
Often times, people quit the Lemonade Diet prematurely because some decide that, “this is good enough”. 7 days is quite an accomplishment and it would be a good first attempt at The Master Cleanse. At this point, it is important to remember that 10 days was your goal. We need to imagine the added benefit to completing our goal and keep in mind the value in 3 extra days of cleansing. At this point, we should try to recall the first 4 crazy days that we went through to get to this day of more intense cleansing. If we can get to an emotional place we can stay present to the benefits of what we are experiencing right now, we can see the exponential value in the 3 extra days of cleansing.

Day 8 – The Corner
We made it past a huge hurdle. We talked ourselves out of quitting! Our reward is we can now see the finish line. We have 3 full days to go. We have completed two thirds of the cleanse. We know that the worst is behind us and the path to reaching our goal is well lit.

Day 9 – Cleansers High
This is the high of this cleanse, this is where you feel all the wonderful things promised by your fellow cleansers. You may feel and look more youthful, with clear skin, and increased energy. You may feel that decision-making is easier, and life “feels” more clear and joyful. After all, this is where you feel like life will never be the same, and as you are dancing around in this great feeling of awesomeness, you feel confidence in what you are doing. This happens to some, but not everyone. If it’s not something that happens, don’t feel you are failing, but that your high is coming to you in life in another way. Hey, doesn’t hurt to believe in great things.

Day 10 – The End?
So, you are a perfect ten now! Day ten is the destiny, and here you are. Congratulations, you should feel so proud! This is where some people run out and buy themselves a burger and fries; but stop. We aren’t finished just yet. You feel so great that you may choose to continue cleansing. If you decide that 10 days is enough, there is still the upcoming Ease-out process. Besides, this is your moment to celebrate your health, and celebrate the loss of toxins in your body from your cleanse. This is where everything will get easier and your challenges are mostly behind you. Recognize all the great changes your body is giving you. Ten is amazing. Ten! Do a jig, you deserve to dance at this stage.

Ease-Out – Day 1
The Ease-Out process is the exact opposite of the Ease-In process. It is even more critical that you drink plenty of Orange Juice throughout the day. You may also choose to start your day with a glass or bottle of the Master Cleanse. Drinking it, will help regulate the caloric intake of the Orange Juice.

Ease-Out – Day 2
Today we are welcoming more liquids into our diet. We can begin to juice fresh fruits and vegetables. By breaking down these foods into liquids, we can deliver macro nutrients more quickly into the bloodstream. You can use our Energy teas on these days if you choose.

Ease-Out – Day 3
On the final day, we ease out with the Paleo Diet. Basically, we only eat live foods. We remove processed foods, meats, and dairy from our diet. We focus on eating fruits and vegetables in solid form. As mentioned on day 1 of the Ease-In, be sure to find a balance between vegetables and fruits because fruits are high in sugar. A 60/40 balance of vegetables to fruits is a good guideline. More importantly, we get to enjoy soups, salads, grains, nuts and yes, fats.

Today is day one. Your lemons are ready to roll, your pure grade maple B syrup is feeling sticky sweet, and the cayenne is bringing some heat. The recipe to the Master Cleanse is simple and is as follows:

2 tablespoons lemon squeezed juice
2 tablespoons rich pure grade maple syrup
1/10th teaspoon cayenne pepper
8 ounces of purified water

It’s better to use fresh ingredients plucked right off the tree but we have done the work for you with bottling it up. It’s okay to do half hand made and half from the bottle or go all the way with doing it yourself, or drinking just bottles. It’s whatever you feel like doing. This is your cleanse!

Plan on drinking between 6-12 glasses a day, or 6-10 bottles, or when you feel hungry. Each bottle is 2 servings so use as many as you want but stay under 10 bottles a day, and over 4. This is just a suggestion, you will feel what your own body needs. Also drink plenty of water between glasses or bottles of Master Cleanse for extra hydration. You should have your first glass or bottle as soon as you wake up. Also, keep your bottle or glass full, so you won’t feel a “lacking”. Each ingredient has a specific purpose.

Use two teaspoons of unrefined non-iodized sea salt and 32 oz. of purified water and mix. Then, drink in one sitting. I think of it as “broth” or “soup” so that I don’t gag while drinking it. It’s a shock to the taste-buds, but benefits your body while initiating a bowel movement. The saltwater flush disinfects and irrigates the colon. Do this every morning during the Master Cleanse to get out the toxins and other crap that’s been sitting in your colon rotting and decomposing. Salt-flush your bod, it’s a simple procedure really.

Keep it simple. If you feel overwhelming hunger, eat light fruits or vegetables in very small portions. If you are thirsty, your body is dehydrated and you need water. Toxins are coming out, and you will feel it. If you do what you need to do to be healthy, the results are amazing.

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