The Skinny Lemon Company Announces New Bottle Design

skinnylemonco-new-bottleENCINO, Calif. — The Skinny Lemon Co. ™ presents The Master Cleanse™: an all-natural lemonade with cayenne and maple to use as a refreshing boost, or a simple low calorie drink in tall bottles to go.

The new bottle design is being launched in Los Angeles September 1st, 2014. It contains a giant skinny-lemon design, which is also the company logo, with “The Master Cleanse™” beverage on front of it. The new bottle of The Master Cleanse™ is easier to grip for on-the-go. At the Skinny Lemon Company™ they understand that the positioning and placement of their bottles of The Master Cleanse ™is dependent on standing out among other brands. The new design is in alignment with the DNA of the company by keeping it fresh, organic, and simple. After all, they take the work out of making spicy lemonade with: “We squeeze your lemons™!”campaign.

The Skinny Lemon Company sells their Master Cleanse™ in 16 oz bottles. The drink is available in Los Angeles stores only, including but not limited to: Whole Foods Markets, Lassens, and Bristol Farms. The company plans on expanding their flavors in time for New Years.