The Skinny Lemon Company Announces Launch of Man Tea – Amazing Teas Created With a Man’s Special Needs Firmly in Mind

Encino, CA (May 20, 2015) Finally, men have a tea they can turn to to help them get the most out of their bodies and minds. Enter Man Tea, a new set of two teas, recently launched by Skinny Lemon Company just for men. The unique blends function to perfection to increase immunity and strengthen. […]

The Skinny Lemon Co. Launches New TEATOX Packs

The Skinny Lemon Co. ™ presents their new line of TEATOX 14 and 28 tea/detox packs. Skinny Lemon Company is a California-based health and lifestyle company that was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Amber Blumer. Originally conceived due to a demand for an effective Master Cleanse beverage bottled for ‘on the go’ cleansing, Skinny Lemon […]

The Skinny Lemon Company Now Has A Complete 14 And 28 Day And Night Teatox Line On!

The Skinny Lemon Company CEO Amber Blumer wants everyone to wear fun bikinis to work and feel good about it.  She’s not talking about just wearing bikinis to work in strip-clubs either (which we wouldn’t mind), she’s talking about simply feeling good in your own skin, and having the feeling that you could look good, […]

Cocktail concoctions that may have you drinking to your health Vodka infused with acai. Sangria loaded with Mediterranean blood orange and pomegranate. Cosmopolitans concocted with prickly pear cactus and aloe. Fresh juniper and lavender blended into organic gin made on a 70-acre biodynamic farm in Colorado. Some of the alcoholic beverages hitting the market convey an aura of healthfulness not generally attributed to drinking […]

The Skinny Lemon Co. Master Cleanse

by Don Bandow, Director of Grocery Buying It all started in Amber Blumer’s California kitchen where she made the original Master Cleanse™ beverage for herself and friends using only four simple ingredients: purified water, lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne. The shopping, measuring, weighing, scooping, pressing, and even squeezing the lemons took a lot of money, […]

The Skinny Lemon Company Announces New Bottle Design

ENCINO, Calif. — The Skinny Lemon Co. ™ presents The Master Cleanse™: an all-natural lemonade with cayenne and maple to use as a refreshing boost, or a simple low calorie drink in tall bottles to go. The new bottle design is being launched in Los Angeles September 1st, 2014. It contains a giant skinny-lemon design, which is also the […]

Skinny Lemon Co Cleanse Giveaway!

Skinny Lemon Co Cleanse Giveaway!

AMB Magazine

Check out Skinny Lemon Co.’s “The Master Cleanse”® at the 2014 Summer Soiree, a gathering of the hottest beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trendsetters!

Life & Style Magazine!

We are so excited to be in Life & Style Magazine TODAY! Check out Life & Style Magazine today.  Skinny Lemon® Co. is on page 59! The Master Cleanse® is a diet that acts as a formal body detox and colon cleanser as well. The diet involves drinking a lemonade mixture made of organic lemon […]

Featured in the L.A. Daily News

We are so proud to share this article about Skinny Lemon® Co. and Amber in the Los Angeles Daily News!!!! “Amber Blumer is the definition of a successful entrepreneur.  By recognizing a problem among other Healthy Lifestyle fans in Southern California, exploring solutions with determination, and then providing the perfect product to meet those needs, […]

Featured on Chic Ceo!!!

Amber is featured as one of the new Chic Ceo’s! We are truly excited to become a part of this amazing website full of strong women.   Thank you Chic Ceo! “I’ve known Amber Blumer for a few years and watched her turn a simple, well known cleanse into what is now a thriving California company. […]